Dalliance with a Wave

You invite me
through your usual summons
composed of
swirls, whirls, twirls:
a calling
that is undeniably you.
But your sojourn will be quick:
I know you
would have to leave immediately.

Your stay is determined
by the wind’s movement.
Gypsy-like you move
to an intricate dance
I can only feebly comprehend.
At times I try
to predict your arrival:
listening, intently searching
for the sound of your coming.

You can appear unannounced
slowly creeping into my senses
until I take notice
your gentle murmuring.
Other times you come
with all your might:
the force of your seeming anger
tells the immensity of your power.
I tremble in awe and fear.

You have many names.
Some try to seek you out,
but you only answer
to the zephyr’s call.
I long to be enveloped
in your perilous presence
to try and harness your
irresistibly free spirit.

At rare moments
you let me ride you:
the sweetness and thrill,
the rapture and pleasure
of the possession
makes me forget everything.
Then I come to my senses
washed up ashore
and see you leave again too soon.

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